Young Yaureal (Poem)


Busy cartwheeling right down the block,
young Yaureal went up to a door and knocked.
Knock, knock, knockity, knockity, knock,
‘ol copter looked through his door to see.
He saw a young girl who was oh so scared,
didn’t know anybody, anyone who cared.
Opened up the door the girl said, “who are you?”,
‘ol copter said, “I’m real just as you’re real, too.”
She walked right through his door and saw all of humanity,
all the things she’d dreamed of, what she was tryin’ to be.
Yaureal looked up at ol’ copter, so sad,
she saw he had nothing at all like what she had.
She asked, “what are you? why do you look so vicious?”,
he said, “I’m youth. Don’t waste it on the young, Yaureal. I’m fictitious.”

 ~Yours Truly



For sure, those who stand on the outside looking in step outside each day with a purposeful mask planted firmly upon their face.  “I know who I am, but the world doesn’t.”  Will there ever be a time to “reveal”, or is this just the bane of a solitary existence?  One thing is for sure, it’s much easier to find fault being an observer.  Can you take me up on that offer?


Spring is on the horizon with many already waiting for the sun.  The cold is something to behold. Nature becomes the backdrop for snow to shimmer and shine; dark, beautiful nights to put a finishing touch to the show.  It is all frozen in time; child’s play and an infinite nightmare, all in one.Image 


Mentality.  Our mind is what ultimately makes us or breaks us.  Is it possible for any mortal being to truly “know it all”?  Certainly not, but what about being capable of knowing as much as any human possibly can; the knowledge threshold?  To most, these particular people are nameless as they are unheard of.  To so some, they are known affectionately as sociopath, psychopath, schizophrenic, and others.  Image