Groove, Align, Center…

Taking center stage,                  Intrinsic punishment,                  
 page after page.                      they feel it’s victimization.               
Feel the heating’s beat,             Tryin’ to build a king’s palace,      
 sleep after sleep.                     and ends up a police station.      
 The eyes know best,                 Drop my can in the street, 
put ’em to the test.                    like sewer’s never seen a solid.
 Eyes know the beat,                 Mother nature gives a wink,
that’s why she’s in the street.      knows father time is very stolid.

Spooky bottle top,                      A bridge under a rainbow,
 winter’s had its stop.                they say the grass is still greener.
Man in the mirror moves,            Casino drops a dime on his tips,
 that’s all he feels is smooth.     says, “well, that’s my demeanor.”


The Allure of Love

For a while, I could never seem to understand the concept of feeling

exceptionally affectionate towards another human, but still, it left me thinking.

The most endearing thing about love, perhaps, is that everyone 

has their own idea of what it means until they experience the “universal sensation” themselves.

It’s what keeps the clock ticking.

PG-Rated Entertainment-More Needed!


Just got back from seeing this lovely film.  I was was so caught up in watching it that it

hadn’t really occurred to me that it was rare to view a film that almost exclusively features adults that didn’t feel the need to

go overboard with the typical “adult content” seen in most movies/tv shows these days.

Call me a prude, I don’t care, but it would be awesome to see more of this kind of clean entertainment.Image