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Groove, Align, Center…

Taking center stage,                  Intrinsic punishment,                  
 page after page.                      they feel it’s victimization.               
Feel the heating’s beat,             Tryin’ to build a king’s palace,      
 sleep after sleep.                     and ends up a police station.      
 The eyes know best,                 Drop my can in the street, 
put ’em to the test.                    like sewer’s never seen a solid.
 Eyes know the beat,                 Mother nature gives a wink,
that’s why she’s in the street.      knows father time is very stolid.

Spooky bottle top,                      A bridge under a rainbow,
 winter’s had its stop.                they say the grass is still greener.
Man in the mirror moves,            Casino drops a dime on his tips,
 that’s all he feels is smooth.     says, “well, that’s my demeanor.”


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