Let’s take a walk….






Learning from “M”

I’ve made it a point to post more on my thoughts about certain movies and music on here.
Teaching/learning lessons for the big life.
Life in general.

I will admit that some of the greatest memories of my life have come as a complete surprise. I think both movies and music have been a part of those memories on many occasions.

We’ll see what lets out……..

Little Beau Peep-Poetry

A dinner with some friends.
Another day at the corner.
This is how her full week ends.
The crowd whispers, “could he be any shorter?”

A thickened figure incites chatter.
Stringy man, powerful spirit.
Being an intern was all that mattered.
His message, everyone wants to hear it.

A girl of six-foot-five.
A guy of five-foot-three.
In her step, no jive.
His everyday, ventriloquy.

Wet eyes lie down for bed.
The day’s closed for entertaining.
In her dreams, she’d wish she was dead.
In fan base, he was gaining.

The weekend has arrived as she strolls near his spot.
Another show is put on, but his eye catches a sight.
She walks right past him, her eyes, bloodshot.
He makes a quick dash; it was worth putting up a fight.

Feeling a tug at her arm, she decides to look down.
He looks up at her face after having run a mile.
First a trick, then a flash, and there’s no longer a frown!
A farewell tug to her hand, “you have a beautiful smile.”


-Need more/Desire less

-Trying too hard/Not trying hard enough

-Stuffed to the brim/Famished and parched

-More isn’t less/Less is more

So much to choose from, but is it necessary to have it all? Having it all until it’s necessary. Tell me more!………See me less.

Street Performance


Otherwise known as busking, putting forth an effort in order to keep passerby entertained has become a respected art around the world. Many have made use of their talents as a means of earning money for various reasons. If you have the flow, why not go? Give it a try! Stability is never guaranteed to drop by, but spontaneity will never go out of style (it can’t).