Lookin’ forward, now lookin’ back

Feels like Fall


Where Do We Geaux Now?

If there’s anything that I’ve learned over the last year or so of blogging, it’s that it takes time to develop a quality web page. Of course, the quality that is being spoken of is due to be maddeningly subjective, so this is going strictly off of own my perspective. Nonetheless, there is always beauty to be found in emptiness. Embrace it. Ideas come sooner or later.

The Root

Son of beast,
or man’s best friend?
If I leave you to be judge,
will the story ever end?
Dear Adam,
savor an apple.
These woods are all too clear.
Dripping stone raindrops,
hearken winter’s slumbering ear.
Spring upon human’s feats,
until the grass greets a deer.
Man grips rotten nature,
thinks it has no chance.
Grizzly chuckles at this sight,
says, “well, that’s no romance.”

Ta Da!-Poem

It’s beauty. Beautiful fan.

We’re beauty. All that we can.

That man. Why’s he so tall?

That woman. Southern-lit drawl?

Drew my fictional clown. Where’s its directional frown?

You can find Adam, and you just found Eve?

Well, I can find Blue, and I just found Steve!

Yo, I know this sounds lame,

But aren’t you glad that you came?

Back to that fan at the top.

You see, I never did stop.

We’re going back.

We’re coming strong.

You see what you did wrong?


Spring is on the horizon with many already waiting for the sun.  The cold is something to behold. Nature becomes the backdrop for snow to shimmer and shine; dark, beautiful nights to put a finishing touch to the show.  It is all frozen in time; child’s play and an infinite nightmare, all in one.Image