Dear Diary,

Keeping some kind of journal can be very freeing, especially if there’s plenty on the mind. Within those pages exists a written-out copy of the world as you see it from inside your head. While other days may provide themselves to be more diary-worthy than others, you might not regret writing down your daily thoughts as you look back months….or even years from right now. Words act as both the coldest and the warmest embrace, all at once.


Ta Da!-Poem

It’s beauty. Beautiful fan.

We’re beauty. All that we can.

That man. Why’s he so tall?

That woman. Southern-lit drawl?

Drew my fictional clown. Where’s its directional frown?

You can find Adam, and you just found Eve?

Well, I can find Blue, and I just found Steve!

Yo, I know this sounds lame,

But aren’t you glad that you came?

Back to that fan at the top.

You see, I never did stop.

We’re going back.

We’re coming strong.

You see what you did wrong?