Lookin’ forward, now lookin’ back

Feels like Fall



Let’s run away from it all; venture unto vastness.

Sail to a deserted island and weather the unforgiving winds.

Lounge amid the forest alongside colorful wildlife.

“Reconnect” with our primal foundations as we feast on this sacred meal.

Bathe in lukewarm streams as they cascade from right above our heads.

Lie down to rest upon giant leaves; sweltering humidity for covers.

Forget what it’s like to be human; remember what it’s like to be alive.

Learning from “M”

I’ve made it a point to post more on my thoughts about certain movies and music on here.
Teaching/learning lessons for the big life.
Life in general.

I will admit that some of the greatest memories of my life have come as a complete surprise. I think both movies and music have been a part of those memories on many occasions.

We’ll see what lets out……..