Almost Halloween

As per the previous post, I’m really getting into the spirit of Autumn right about now.  Jazz club affair.  Not too dark, not too bright, but just right.  Halloween seems to be the “holiday” that embodies that feeling like no other ‘cuz folks legitmately want to be spooked, and yet, wanna see the smiling faces of the babies who trot around from house to house, decked out in the latest in Tigger n’ Pooh costume wear.  “Tick or tweeeeeeeeeeeeeet”


Ta Da!-Poem

It’s beauty. Beautiful fan.

We’re beauty. All that we can.

That man. Why’s he so tall?

That woman. Southern-lit drawl?

Drew my fictional clown. Where’s its directional frown?

You can find Adam, and you just found Eve?

Well, I can find Blue, and I just found Steve!

Yo, I know this sounds lame,

But aren’t you glad that you came?

Back to that fan at the top.

You see, I never did stop.

We’re going back.

We’re coming strong.

You see what you did wrong?