Figured Out

Tracy Chapman + Michael Jackson = The Weeknd

I guess we all boast influences from one source or the next, but I’ve (lately) never come to realize one so specifically precise as this………….and I liiiiiik…uh………..loooooooooove it. And I love it.

Truth is, I don’t think life has to be figured out, but exploration simply feels necessary in order to keep us all afloat. Would you rather pray for the turbulent winds to brush your raft along, or would you rather sail in silence for fear of movement? Would you loooove it?


Washed My Sins Away

Although I never thought I’d actually even begin to contemplate this, I am starting to entertain the idea of starting another blog solely dedicated to theology. I a lot of people see this subject as a heated one, but it doesn’t have to be. Peace in the middle east? I’m still thinkin’……

Ghost World Mentality


“Follow your dreams”

What else is new on this rock? What could initially appear to be young women who are simply “out of it” surprisingly unravels itself to be something else. This movie puts a thought-provoking argument to the test: Do some simply lack the desire to conform, or is this a matter of lacking ability? Such discussions have been generalized many times over, thus, inciting a snowball effect that eventually begets a less-than-stellar outcome. Individuality cannot be discussed on a universal platform and magically become completely understood by the majority. Such realizations, I feel, are all a part of why loneliness can (inadvertently and ironically) be the one thing that unites us all.