You’ve Got That…….

Style is quite the thing, ain’t it? I mean, you get the chance to say what you want about yourself without saying a word; few other instances in life exist like this. Lately, life seems to be a gentle give-and-pull of whether or not I will actually accept this fact. To be noticed? To be covert? To not give the slightest care at all? It is all in the beauty of having options, I suppose. I look forward to talking more about this in future posts.


Here We Are


*Sighs soothingly* The peak of winter is approaching. This can be a time to relax, rejuvenate, and (hopefully) play in some snow. The greatest aspect of winter weather, to me, is the fact that the cold/snow adds another layer of existence. In the heat, it can surely get hot (duh?), but by comparison to the cold, exists in a single dimension. Cool weather issues in a steady sense of protection, and with it, a desire to wake you up. The love is never-ending.

Learning from “M”

I’ve made it a point to post more on my thoughts about certain movies and music on here.
Teaching/learning lessons for the big life.
Life in general.

I will admit that some of the greatest memories of my life have come as a complete surprise. I think both movies and music have been a part of those memories on many occasions.

We’ll see what lets out……..