Let’s take a walk….







-Need more/Desire less

-Trying too hard/Not trying hard enough

-Stuffed to the brim/Famished and parched

-More isn’t less/Less is more

So much to choose from, but is it necessary to have it all? Having it all until it’s necessary. Tell me more!………See me less.

Ta Da!-Poem

It’s beauty. Beautiful fan.

We’re beauty. All that we can.

That man. Why’s he so tall?

That woman. Southern-lit drawl?

Drew my fictional clown. Where’s its directional frown?

You can find Adam, and you just found Eve?

Well, I can find Blue, and I just found Steve!

Yo, I know this sounds lame,

But aren’t you glad that you came?

Back to that fan at the top.

You see, I never did stop.

We’re going back.

We’re coming strong.

You see what you did wrong?

A Summation of Sorts

In conjunction with my last post (somewhat), I’ve lately been thinking about isolation and its impact on the human psyche.  Often times, those who are kept from human contact are looked down upon; feelings of pity inevitably ensue.  However, if the “real world” is often thought of as being too stressful for most, shouldn’t people who are unable to be influenced be seen as ideal?  True understanding will only come when outsiders are finally seen as fellow human beings instead of exhibits to be studied and exploited.  More information about the inspiration behind this latest post can be found here.